Paint Sprayer Reviews

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  • Wagner Power Painter

    Being able to apply a smooth, crisp, even coat of paint quickly during a home improvement project – whether the coloring is for a single detail such as trim or shutters, or an entire room – is what the Wagner Power Painter is designed for. Quick but thorough jobs are the specialty of the Wagner 0525032 EZ Tilt 7.2 GPH Power Painter Max featuring Optimus Dual Tip Technology, which can spray effectively in any position or direction – even straight up – painting a smallish room in ten minutes.
  • Graco Magnum X5

    In the past, painting the exterior of a house was a long and painstaking process that took many days using brushes, rollers or involved the extremely expensive services of professional house painters. Today, with the swift onward march of technology, home paint sprayers like the Graco Magnum X5 empower regular folks to apply a fast, great-looking paint job even to major projects like a whole house exterior, a deck, or a long picket fence. This process is eased by its high painting rate of over 14 gallons per hour and the extremely convenient 25 foot paint supply hose.
  • Wagner Paint Crew

    When confronted by a major paint job, such as painting the exterior of a multistory house, a large barn, or doing a full interior repaint, the lighter weight sprayers with paint cups or suction supply hoses that are dropped into an open can of paint cannot compare with a high volume, professional grade painter such as the Wagner Paint Crew. This device, which bears the full name of the Wagner Power Products 3/8 HP 2,750 PSI Paint Crew Paint Sprayer, is a piston pump sprayer which is constructed to shine in large scale paint jobs.